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Hello, my name is Hjalmar. On this page you will learn something more about me. If you want to write me a message, please use the contact form. (german)

A real Rottweiler

I was born in Rottweil am Neckar. There I grew up and went to school. Later I moved to Darmstadt in Hessen. There I studied and now work at Deutsche Bahn.

If you click through my website it certainly is not difficult to guess my hobby. Travel and photograph makes a lot of fun. Thus the beautiful pictures and travelogues not gathering dust in a drawer I publish them on this page. Those who would like to connect with me can do this in the following social networks:

» Me at National Geographic Magazine
» jally photography & travel @ facebook.com
» jally.de @ instagram.com
» @jallyde @ twitter.com
» Hjalmar Gerbig @ 500px.com
» jallyde @ pinterest
» jally.de @ youpic.com
» jally-de @tumblr.com
» @jallyde @ ello
» hjalmarockel @ youtube.com

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