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Lanzarote has a lot to offer. This time we decided to drive through Timanfaya National Park. We also visited the wine region La Geria and the impressive Museo Lagomar. (german)

Hotelzimmer Highlights at Lanzarote Spain

Timanfaya National Park

At Timanfaya National Park there is a huge lava landscape. Even today there are hot spots just below the earth's surface. A tour of the park is only possible with the official buses. At the starting point at the restaurant, demonstrations are continuously held where water or dry bushes are buried in holes in the ground. A short time later, the bushes begin to burn and the water rushes out of the hole with a loud bang. Very impressive!

Restaurant Highlights at Lanzarote Spain

Wine region La Geria

At La Geria, there are many vineyards that are built in the typical Lanzarote construction. The vine plant is either surrounded by a wall or planted in round holes. The black lava earth forms a nice color contrast and gives off heat at the same time.

Lage Highlights at Lanzarote Spain

Picturesque town Teguise

The small town of Teguise offers a beautiful old town with a central square at the church and side streets with small restaurants. During our visit, the city was very quiet, but once a week there is a big market.

Extras Highlights at Lanzarote Spain

The architectonic oasis Museo Lagomar

The Museo Lagomar is also known as the home of Omar Sharif, who is said to have owned it for just one day. The house is integrated into the rock face and was designed by the artist and architect Cesar Manrique. The property is very large and you will find everywhere nice quiet corners and great views of the garden. We particularly liked the integration of the architecture into the lava bubbles. It's definitely worth a visit!


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