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At our day in Tenerife we made a trip to the Teide National Park. In the National Park we walked from the Mirador Llano de Ucanca over the lava fields. On the way back we drove through Vilaflor and visited Candelaria. (german)

Hotelzimmer Highlights at Teneriffa Spain

Trip to Teide National Park

The way to Teide National Park is very interesting and varied. First you drive through dense coniferous forests, where in the morning the fog is still swirling. Then you come over the tree line and immediately have an impressive view of the Teide and the lava landscape.

Restaurant Highlights at Teneriffa Spain

Hike in Teide National Park

For our day in Tenerife, we took a hike to the rock formation The Cathedral in the Teide National Park. The hike begins at the Paradores Cañadas del Teide car park, near the funicular to Pico del Teide. It is well signposted and always offers beautiful views of the lava formations. However, I would not recommend doing the hike in the summer as there is no shade. In winter it was perfect and we were happy about the warming sunbeams.

Lage Highlights at Teneriffa Spain

Sleepy mountain village Vilaflor

On our way back to the coast we drove through the highest village of Tenerife: Vilaflor. It is a very sleepy place with a beautiful church and an old market place. There really is nothing special to see there. The motto is: The path is the destination, because there are always beautiful views of the coastline.

Extras Highlights at Teneriffa Spain

Stroll through Candelaria

The small town of Candelaria has a small old town with a beautiful church by the sea. From a higher vantage point you have a beautiful view of the building, the forecourt and the sea. The pedestrian area invites you to stroll and you will find pretty little shops and cafes there.


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