Thank you for 170,000 Visits on  in 2013!

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Thank you for 170,000 Visits on in 2013!

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01.01.2014 - Another year has passed. Time to check the statistics. In 2013 had almost 170,000 visits. This is 5,000 visits more than in the record year 2011. Back then I published daily informations for winning game in the local radio. That led to 30,000 visits in one month.

In 2012 Google changed the algorithm for indexing websites. This caused a drop in visits. So I am glad that website traffic for has grown continuously since then. In 2013 the website had an average of 14,000 visits per month.

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Author: Darmstadt, Deutschland

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Thank you for 170,000 Visits on  in 2013!

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